The Facet Joint Syndrome

The connections found between your vertebrae spine are known as facet joints. Similar to how the elbow, knee or indeed any other joint that are found in your body, they facilitate the bending or twisting. They in addition help to stabilize the body joints and put a stop of too much motion as well as in keeping your body upright.Spinal Cord

At the rear of every vertebrae are joints linking each vertebra to the one which is directly below and above to produce a harmonious unit which will facilitate body movement. Covering the joint surfaces is a tissue referred to as articular cartilage.

A membrane medically known as the synovium lines the joint and is contained the joint capsule, a fibrous sac. Surrounding the joint is some thick liquid, the Synovial fluid, which plays the roles of a grease lubricator and covers your joint so that bones may shift devoid of any friction.

Whenever your body joints get inflamed besides arthritis or injury, stiffness and pain is likely to be experienced. The following symptoms will be seen in case the cervical spine or neck joints get affected:

• Headaches.
• Upper back, shoulders and neck pains.
• Challenges when you try to rotate your head.
• Frequently, patients may of having to turn or twist the whole body whenever they wish to look either to the left or right.

When the lower back is affected by Syndrome there is:

• Lumbar area pain.
• There may be referred pain to the buttocks and thighs.
• Back stiffness.
• Challenges when you want to get out of your chair.
• Challenges when you want to stand up.
• Complaints of having to move about hunched over

Trauma or age related changes associated could trigger the cartilage cushion covering your bones to begin wearing away leading to pain as your bones rub against each other. As well, tiny nerves, branching off from the main nerves on your spine could get pinched or irritated bring some level of pain. Because Facet Joint Syndrome is normally linked to aging, it becomes more commonly found those who are past 50 years.

Facet Joint Syndrome Causes:

• Whiplash Injury could bring the syndrome within your cervical area.
• Some sports like as gymnastics, when your neck gets extended abnormally.
• Episodes of Arthritis.
• Bad posture pushing your spine out the alignment casing.
• Body Inflammation.
• Forms of Infection.
• Joint degeneration.

How to Diagnose the Facet Joint Syndrome

• History taking and a Physical must be carried out.
• X-ray, Facet Joint Syndrome or a spine CT scan is going to rule out herniated disc or fracture.
• Facet joint block will establish whether your joints are the pain roots.
• Local anesthetic gets injected near or into the nerves supplying your joint. In case you experience considerable pain reduction, then the diagnosis gets confirmed.

Treating Facet Joint Syndrome

• NSAIDs like Naproxyn or ibuprophen.
• Muscle relaxants and some types of narcotic based pain relievers for severe pain.
• Physical therapy.
• Program of exercise for improving body flexibility and boosting movement that is pain free.
• Correction body posture.
• Modifying activities to avert over board lifting, bending, and stretching.

About 80 per cent of those taking NSAIDs and following active programs of rehabilitation become free of pain in a couple of months.

When the traditional methods of treatment are not successful, Raiofrequency Rhizotomy, a surgical procedure utilizing electrical current is used in destroying your sensory nerves resulting in some good degree of pain relief.

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Working Out And Keeping In Shape


With hectic lifestyles today it seems like everyone is on the go and can’t find time to keep their bodies in shape. We see advertisements each day both on television and the internet of all these magical weight loss cures, but in reality the only thing that does work is old tried and true method of working out.

Perhaps you have always thought about working out but don’t know where to get begin? Maybe you’ve tried before but like so many others you can’t keep it going? Well that’s most likely the case because a good work out plan is just that, it needs to have a plan and then you need to follow through on it.

Man-working-outIt is always easier said than done but working out doesn’t have to be that difficult if you set goals. The easiest way to begin a workout program is to start out slow and build yourself up. Starting off too fast with high expectations may only lead to disappointment if you can’t meet your lofty goals. Additionally, if you have never exercised before there is a good chance you could suffer a major injury that would set you back for a very long time.

In the beginning we want to take it slow and ease ourselves into a workout routine. Start off with a little bit of cardio, such as walking on a treadmill for 30 minutes a day. You need to get your heat rate up and get your body moving. Stretching is also extremely important as this helps limber up stiff joints and gets the blood flowing before you begin to exercise.

When starting an exercise routine the key is to begin with a moderate program and also change your eating habits. A good workout routine is best when it is combined with healthy eating habits. There are plenty of healthy eating recipes on the internet that you could follow. Some of them are even geared towards giving you the right amount of energy to get the most out of your workouts.

people-get-healthyThe gym is an excellent place to workout, but for some of us it can be embarrassing when we aren’t in shape. Keep in mind that everyone there is in the same boat as you and would like to change their body and be in better shape. If you go to the gym with the mindset of improving yourself, you will block out everyone around you and concentrate on meeting your goals.

At the gym there are plenty of fun exercise classes to take that get your body moving around where you can shed the weight fast. Everybody there wants to help you get into shape so ask question if you are unsure how to do certain exercises.

At home it is good idea to get out and take a walk around the block. Just walking around can help elevate your heart rate and burn off excess fat. You could even build yourself a home gym if you don’t feel like joining a club. Then you have no excuses at all since the equipment is right there waiting to be used each day.

Keeping in shape is full-time responsibility but if you really put your mind too there is no reason why you can be successful at it.